About this EWX Snippet

Professionals active in the food security area have an increasing need to publish communications via the web. EWX Snippets are small bits of code that allow members of the global food security community to easily embed famine early warning data in ordinary web pages.


The EWX Map Snippet displays maps, including raster and vector data layers; while the EWX Plot Snippet displays plots of spatial summary statistics.


EWX Snippets, includes any data found in the Early Warning eXplorer (EWX) web application and some of the benefits it has over static screenshots, that were used in the past, include:



  • Panning and Zooming Map Navigation
    Maps displayed using EWX Snippets allow web page visitors to pan and zoom in on details of interest, or zoom out to get a bigger picture.

  • Temporal Navigation
    The EWX Map Snippet can optionally provide controls for navigating forward and back through a time series of raster data.

  • Always Current
    The EWX Map Snippet can optionally be configured to always display the most recent raster in a time series.

  • Plot and Map Together
    The EWX Map and EWX Plot snippets can be used in conjunction to provide an interactive data exploration experience. In this case, clicking on a polygon on the map will cause the corresponding plot of summary statistics to be displayed.

Early Warning eXplorer (EWX) Snippet