This research  project aims at achieving the following objectives: 

(1) Assess spatial temporal changes (1980-2014) of mangrove forests in Mafia Island using remote sensing data; 

(2) Identify and analyze main causes of mangrove deforestation in Mafia Island over three decades;

(3) Assess the relationship between mangrove loss and historical occurrence and impacts of climate change induced coastal hazards (flooding, soil erosion, strong winds, and tropical storms); 

(4) Assess the vulnerability of communities in Mafia Island to coastal hazards as a result of decline of mangrove forest; and 

 (5) Analyze the key factors that may enhance community adaptive capacity to coastal hazards in Mafia Island. The study will use Landsat satellite imagery data to assess the spatial temporal changes of mangrove forest in the district. The Landsat data will be used together with existing secondary data such as topographical maps and aerial photographs and primary data. Read More

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