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Country Fact Sheet

Capital: Kampala  Area: 241,038 km2

Population: 34 Million (2014 Census)

Life Expectancy: Male 54, Female 55 years

Total Forested Land

4.7 Million Ha Equivalent to

24% of Total Land Area of

19.7 Million Hectares

Burned Forest Area

2005: 36,240 ha 2006: 102,110 ha

2007: 79,380 ha 2008: 35,670 ha

2009: 107,750 ha 2010: 39,740 ha

Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Forests and woodlands cover approximately 4.7 million hectares which is 24% of the total land area. The vast majority of this is woodland, while the remainder is tropical high forest and forestry plantations. Forestry is crucial to the lives of millions of Ugandans, especially the poorest sections of society. The dependence of poor people on forest resources, and their ability to improve their livelihoods through forestry, has not been adequately recognised in Uganda until now.

Map of Forest cover and protected areas 2015

Forest Definition

A minimum area of 1 Ha, minimum crown cover of 30% of trees able to attain a height of 4 metres and above.

Drivers of Deforestation and Degradation

Total Forest Cover

Trends in forest change from 1990 to 2010


Carbon Stocks

Forest Ownership and Management

Uganda National Indicators

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